Intention vs. New Year’s Resolution

Intention setting vs. New Year’s resolutions. 

What is the difference? Why does it matter?  So, resolutions are helpful as they ask us to perhaps “act” differently to be able to “achieve” a goal.

 For example, here are common resolutions: 

I’m going to lose 20 pounds and fit my old clothes still hanging in my closet. 

I’m going to work harder to get the promotion at work this year. 

Wanting to better ourselves in a positive way is definitely a path toward a life well lived. Consider the subtle difference of creating an intention instead of a resolution this year. An intention allows for more things to happen along the path toward achieving the final result. Intentions ask us to “think” differently to be able to set ourselves in a positive direction toward change without needing it to look a certain way.  This new perspective frees us of the rigidity a resolution.  It’s common to give up resolutions when we behave in the same way, but intentions allow for ups and downs.  It’s a new way of thinking.  

Here’s an example of an intention: 

I will choose to eat more fresh food, from a variety of choices, so that my body feels satisfied, nourished and healthy. 

I choose to focus my attention at the task at hand, show up on time and complete projects to the best of my ability at work to feel good about my contribution to the whole. 

Can you see the subtle difference? Intentions allow for us to move with life, yet still in a positive direction. It allows more space to see how we can create more that isn’t limited to one outcome. Intentions are so wonderful to create, write down and read often. You will find that your best Self creates a continuous outcome that it’s ridged or self-defeating. 

Happy New Year everyone!

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