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It’s challenging to notice our own tendencies.  It can be nearly impossible to see what can be holding us back from achieving our dreams.  Knowing how to begin is often the hardest part.  We could spend a lifetime just thinking about how things could have been.  Now is the time to begin the process of how life actually will be.  Tapping into your unique strengths and passions is vital.  It is the roots of authenticity.  

I would love to practice, learn and grow with you!  Join me for yoga classes, workshops and trainings at True North Yoga in Boise, Idaho.  Change your life.  Practice yoga. Start today.


Mentoring Selections

Naomi has found that the keys to a life well lived is taking the time to become clear on what holds lasting value for you and why.  Taking the time to evaluate your goals, desires, dislikes, and aversions are all part of the unearthing process to return to your roots and authentic feelings of satisfaction.  Remember the feeling of satisfaction?  Has that been replaced by a constant restlessness?  This is all too normalized in today’s world but a life well lived doesn’t include consistent feelings of worry, anxiety, stress and unhappiness.  These are passing states that have a place for expression but if they have become your lived experience then it’s time to come back to center.  When we come into our center we can experience the feelings of stability, worth, ease and acceptance everyday.  Naomi will guide mentoring sessions using a variety of techniques in eastern philosophy as well as concrete activities to start implementing change immediately.   The first step is saying yes to change, asking for help and opening up to something new and different.  Stepping outside of your comfort zone.  You deserve good things.

Book a private session with Naomi at True North Yoga today.  

Have you graduated from a yoga teacher training program and are wondering what is next? Do you want to share your passion helping others live their best life through yoga but are having a hard time starting? Or is it time to refresh your offerings?  As you grow in the seat of the teacher so does the offerings to the community.  
Naomi has mentored over 300 yoga student teachers over the course of her career. One of the aspects Naomi enjoyed about leading numerous teacher training programs worldwide was the ability to work one on one with students to achieve their goals both personally and professionally.  Meeting with Naomi will help to narrow the focus on your strengths and allow a creative path forward in teaching. 

Book a private session with Naomi at True North Yoga today.  

1 sixty minute session $85
5 sixty minute sessions $400

Book a private session with Naomi at True North Yoga today.  

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Naomi Jones Yoga offers a monthly newsletter with wellness tips for a life well lived. We offer yoga, meditation, Ayurveda and philosophy insights to incorporate into your life in a meaningful way.

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