"Why does the world exist? It exists for you."

What wakes you up to the reality of your own existence?  Have you questioned if the path you have created is indeed your true journey?

The identification of having “things” and looking outward for satisfaction with life was normal and routine for Naomi for many years.  It made sense that acquiring the conventional aspects of success would then result in acceptance, worth, happiness and ultimately satisfaction in living.  What she found was life doesn’t work out this way.

Naomi spent her 20s and 30s working in the corporate field driven by the ability to make a substantial pay check, afford all the “things” and lead a life that reflected the images of success.   The “doing” and accumulating was a distraction to avoid a dullness she felt deep down.  As these feelings became more condensed it manifested in depression and withdrawal.   There was an itch, a feeling of discontent.  Was there something more than this restlessness and constant worry?

In her 40s Naomi looked to start a new path which incorporated Eastern wellness principles including yoga, meditation and self-inquiry.  Her spiritual journey was ignited from this point and continues today.  All we can authentically share is what we know for certain from having lived it.  Through this knowledge Naomi is able to be of service to others.  Let’s practice, learn and grow together.  

Join Naomi for yoga classes, workshops and trainings at True North Yoga in Boise, Idaho.  Change your life.  Practice yoga. Start today.

Yoga and Meditation Teaching and Training Experience

Naomi has 2000+ hours of yoga training and study within a diverse portfolio of lineages, styles and methods. Her training background includes creating and facilitating 200 and 300 hour programs in Yin, Restorative, Yoga Nidra, Vinyasa and Meditation.  Naomi and her husband Paul own and operate Insight Yoga, True North Yoga and are part owners in Source Meditation Space all located in Boise, Idaho.  Join Naomi for yoga classes, workshops and trainings at True North Yoga in Boise, Idaho.  

Change your life.  Practice yoga.  Start today.

Naomi has training certificates in:

  • Yin yoga with Bernie Clark
  • Yoga Nidra with Total Yoga Nidra
  • Foundations of Non-Dual Tantra with Dr. Kavitha Chinnaiyan
  • Yoga for Fertility with Lynn Jensen
  • 200 Hour Fundamental Yoga with Shanti Yoga
  • 300 Hour Yoga Training with the Sage Yoga School
  • 120 Hour certificate in Anatomy and Physiology with Yoga Synergy
  • 200 Hour Vinyasa Yoga with Essential Hot Yoga
  • 500 Hour Bikram Yoga certification with Bikram Choudhury College of India.

Naomi has help to train over 300 student teachers in the US and Australia to created five Yoga Alliance recognized teacher training schools.  She enjoys meeting the seekers, learning from each other, and creating community.  Naomi created and oversees the facilitation of “Idaho Yoga Week” which happens throughout the state every year.  Naomi enjoys travel and is often on the road teaching, exploring and living life.  Naomi has two daughters Stella (17) and Holly (13).  She is married to Paul Graham who is a Meditation Teacher and Ayurveda Health Counselor.

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