Yoga For Living Well

Yoga, meditation and eastern wellness principles allow for balance to be felt in all areas of life.  Whether your interest is physical wellbeing, mental acuity, emotional balance or spiritual awakening the ancient tools of yoga provide a means toward change.  The many benefits include adaptability, resilience, and inner calm throughout life’s ups and downs.  The journey is the way, enjoy each step. Let’s get started. 

Naomi Jones

The foundation of Naomi’s teaching is based on direct experience practicing eastern wellness principles.  Through this lens, we are given a chance to ask a larger question such as “what am I here to do” and identify the answers and take action.  

Naomi’s teaching invites others to observe their inherent ability to create the existence they choose. Self inquiry, knowledge and action are three important tools to construct the landscape you wish to dwell in. 


Naomi’s specializes in techniques and practices sourced from her personal practice and breadth of experience with thousands of students utilizing yoga, meditation, energy work, breath work, eastern psychology and real life integration.  

Private studio individual or small group yoga/meditation classes and one on one mentoring sessions downtown Boise, Idaho.  On-line sessions are also available.

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Naomi Jones Yoga offers a monthly newsletter with wellness tips for a life well lived. We offer yoga, meditation, Ayurveda and philosophy insights to incorporate into your life in a meaningful way.

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